God’s Reoccurring Lesson

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This was a reflection I wrote a year ago today. Funny how God reminds me of His lessons annually. 🙂

A couple minutes ago I left my home to go study for my summer class. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to study at the library or at Martin’s, but for some reason I just kept driving past the library and accepted that I was going to Martin’s. While slowing down at a stoplight, I was thinking about how closer I could be with the Lord. I turned on some music and looked in my rearview mirror. In the car behind me was a girl bawling her eyes out, not at all trying to keep it together. I really felt for her (we’ve all had those moments), and continued driving when the light turned green. Before I got to the next light, I realized that I shouldn’t just spend more time with God for my own growth, but in order to support others. Stopped at the next light, the girl is taking deep breaths and re-applying her make-up. It goes to show that people cover up their emotions every day. We need to make sure we are empathetic and kind to everyone we meet, because we have no idea what happened in their life minutes before we encounter them. If you’re feeling bland in your relationship with the Lord, take this as a sign that He wants you to draw closer to Him for your growth and for other’s around you. Ask where you should be placed, and He will put you there.

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