A Missing Pen


It’s been a hard day. I went to a convent to pray, and I was all prepared. I was ready to tell God what I had to say. Ready to take my journal and write my feelings until my hand cramped. Prepared to write until my heart didn’t hurt anymore. I looked inside my backpack, and nothing. No pen. Of course, I forgot a pen. All I had was my devotional to read from. After being bummed out, I knew what God had done. “Just be, Maclaine.” But I’d gone through pain today and I wanted to tell Him about it. And He told me to just sit, and listen. God isn’t on our time, He’s on His. And though I wanted to spill my heart out to Him, He already knew what I’d gone through. He already had the solution for the hurt: Adoration. He led me to Himself and asked me to “just be still, and know that I am with you.” So yes, God loves when we share our days and our lives with Him, but let Him share His plan and His grace with you.



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