Why Jesus Is Better Than That Boy.

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To all the ladies out there:

How many men did you marry in your head today? Was it the cute boy who held the door open for you at the IMU? Is it the dreamy guy who sits across from you in K201? This sounds kind of funny right, when you say it out loud, but it is totally something we do! Let me tell you three reasons why it’s not fair for all parties to create a list of all the boys in the Catholic center of who you would marry.

First, you are precious. You are beautifully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of a perfect God. Wisdom 13:5 says, “For from the greatness and beauty of created things comes a corresponding perception of their Creator.” Catechism 41 says, “The manifold perfections of creatures – their truth, their goodness, their beauty all reflect the infinite perfection of God.” The manifold perfections of creatures – you are the most beloved created thing! So you, who you are reflects the infinite perfection of God. It is not fair to you to emotionally invest your heart in someone who may not even know your name. You deserve the greatest of loves, not an imaginary love.

Second, they are real men. The boy who you have created him to be in your head is not real. It is not fair to them because they could be a really great guy but if he doesn’t live up to who you created him to be, then you will find it hard to even be his friend.

Finally, its not fair to your future husband (if you are called to the vocation of marriage!). Your future husband is real, he exists, and right now you are spending your time emotionally investing yourself into a boy who may not even know your name or may never pursue you in the way that you deserve.

If you find yourself spending time creating a fake life with a random guy or worrying about what the future holds, write a letter to your future husband. Even better, tell it to Jesus. Jesus is incredibly in love with you RIGHT NOW. He is pursuing your heart perfectly at every moment. He knows every desire you have, everything you need to make you happy. He knows all of this because He created you to be in relationship with you. He created everything! Think of the most beautiful thing you have ever seen – mine is a South Dakota summer night in the middle of a cornfield where you can see every single star in the galaxy. That was created by God to woo you, because he LOVES you. He is love and He sacrificed Himself for you. Let Him love you in the perfect way that you deserve to be loved. Never let your standard be less than Christ on the Cross for you. You are loved.

Written by Kelsey McCann

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