Mary in The Dollar Tree.


I never expected to see Mary in the Dollar Tree. On a rainy day, I ran to the Dollar Tree to pick up a poster for my project. A quick run in, get what I need, and leave. As I walked down the messy office supply aisle, I began looking at the phone cases. Right there, mindlessly placed on a cardboard box was the Queen of Heaven. A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was put in between disheveled phone cases, ear buds, and random cardboard boxes. She didn’t belong there. She belonged in a beautiful garden. In a golden beam. In heaven with her most holy Son, Jesus Christ. She’d been dropped, the statue was chipped, cracked, and it wasn’t the prettiest Marian statue I’d ever seen. So I picked her up and promised her a home for a Queen. My devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe started a couple years ago and only recently has it really taken off. But this statue today wasn’t Mary, because she is perfect. Untouched. Beautiful. This statue instead strengthened my heart’s devotion to her holy and gorgeous intercession. She is with me even in a store. But she belongs somewhere better. She continues to find a home in my heart, guiding my womanhood and wrapping me in her mantle.

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