Choosing silence.


I’ve always felt busy, like there is always noise. Whenever I’m by myself, I usually make sure the silence is filled. If I’m cleaning my room, then I put on a Spotify playlist. If I’m driving in my car, then I listen to music or a podcast. If I’m sitting in front of the Lord, I’m thinking or journaling, or humming when I’m on my own. In fact, silence has almost always scared me.

But Jesus does this beautiful thing where He takes our fears and has the ability to redeem them or explain them. He’s asked me to rest my heart, and to be still in His presence. He’s taught me how silence allows my ears to hear His voice. He’s helped me to recognize the importance of prayer.

Thank You, Lord for allowing us to sit in silence with You. For loving our praises, and blessing our lessons taught in the quiet.


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