Holding suffering and holding joy.

20180612-IMG_5645 copy 3

Those hands that held Jesus’ head when He was a baby. The hands that helped Him put His clothes on before He went outside. The hands that made food, poured water, washed His body. Those hands that hugged Him and wiped His tears.

The Monsignor who had the vision for this Marian statue told us he wanted her hands to be ready to take on anything. To receive any burdens.

The hands that wiped away her own tears, watching her Son be killed. The hands that held His broken and bloody body. The hands that were passed on to be taken care of. The hands of a mother.

This past February I was encouraged to open my hands up when I was being prayed over. To be able to receive more from God. When I saw these hands my first day of my internship this summer, I knew I was witnessing God’s promise being fulfilled in my life.

When Mary opened her hands and her heart to receive what God wanted for her, she gave birth to the Savior of the world. Along with pain. When I open my hands, I desire to give Mary’s yes to God. The hands holding suffering, and the hands holding joy. 

My prayer for myself and for you is that you open your hands. No matter what that means for you and Jesus, I pray that you are open to the happiness that comes with following truth as well as the pain that comes. We are handling imperfect humans, ourselves included, which means there are glory stories and there are dark times. Open your hands to receive it all, God wants to show you every side of glory.

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