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What is the biggest lie in the history of Christianity? What are we getting wrong? What’s something huge we can improve on?

I wanted to know how to be better, confident that I could pick out the biggest lie. Humbled as usual, I couldn’t have guessed the lie. It was something I could’ve known, but something that wasn’t completely obvious to me. Matthew Kelly does an incredible job of explaining Christianity, defending the faith, and discussing what we need to start changing. This book allowed me to see God in so many different ways, and not put Him in a box.

“If we step into the classroom of silence for a few minutes each day and make ourselves available to God, he will guide, encourage, and lead us. And the more we make ourselves available to him, the more clearly we will hear his voice.”

Matthew Kelly, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity

As Catholics, we should be striving for more, always. Asking God, “how can I be better? How can I do more for You? How can I accept Your graces to enable me to praise You more?” Though our attempts are sweet songs a young child would sing, nothing professional, God will hear it. Others will hear it. And we can change the world, with His grace.

Buy The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity and find out what the lie is. I promise, you will feel empowered and ready to live as a Christian in the world. Encouragement, love, and a lot of truth. The book releases August 15th!


Holding suffering and holding joy.

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Those hands that held Jesus’ head when He was a baby. The hands that helped Him put His clothes on before He went outside. The hands that made food, poured water, washed His body. Those hands that hugged Him and wiped His tears.

The Monsignor who had the vision for this Marian statue told us he wanted her hands to be ready to take on anything. To receive any burdens.

The hands that wiped away her own tears, watching her Son be killed. The hands that held His broken and bloody body. The hands that were passed on to be taken care of. The hands of a mother.

This past February I was encouraged to open my hands up when I was being prayed over. To be able to receive more from God. When I saw these hands my first day of my internship this summer, I knew I was witnessing God’s promise being fulfilled in my life.

When Mary opened her hands and her heart to receive what God wanted for her, she gave birth to the Savior of the world. Along with pain. When I open my hands, I desire to give Mary’s yes to God. The hands holding suffering, and the hands holding joy. 

My prayer for myself and for you is that you open your hands. No matter what that means for you and Jesus, I pray that you are open to the happiness that comes with following truth as well as the pain that comes. We are handling imperfect humans, ourselves included, which means there are glory stories and there are dark times. Open your hands to receive it all, God wants to show you every side of glory.

When you sign up for Jesus.

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When you sign up for Jesus you sign up for truth. You sign up for love. You sign up for prayer and time dedicated to a relationship with God Himself. You sign up for a lot of adventures. You sign up for joy and belonging.

You also sign up for rejection, mockery, and exclusion from the world. This can come in any form to any degree, but if we are called to be the Body of Christ, we are called to be beaten. But what an honor it is to suffer in the name of truth. To carry a cross alongside our Savior.

This study from Endow goes into Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical on the beauty of marriage and life. It was not very popular because of its truth on the dignity in intimate relationships and God’s hand in procreation. I encourage you to look into the mission of Endow and to study what the successors of Christ have written, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

We sign up for a sometimes difficult life, but truth is well worth being counter-cultural.

“If I were not a Catholic, and were looking for the true Church in the world today, I would look for the one Church which did not get along well with the world; in other words, I would look for the Church which the world hated. My reason for doing this would be, that if Christ is in any one of the churches of the world today, He must still be hated as He was when He was on earth in the flesh. If you would find Christ today, then find the Church that does not get along with the world. Look for the Church that is hated by the world as Christ was hated by the world. Look for the Church that is accused of being behind the times, as our Lord was accused of being ignorant and never having learned. Look for the Church which men sneer at as socially inferior, as they sneered at Our Lord because He came from Nazareth. Look for the Church which is accused of having a devil, as Our Lord was accused of being possessed by Beelzebub, the Prince of Devils. Look for the Church which, in seasons of bigotry, men say must be destroyed in the name of God as men crucified Christ and thought they had done a service to God. Look for the Church which the world rejects because it claims it is infallible, as Pilate rejected Christ because He called Himself the Truth. Look for the Church which is rejected by the world as Our Lord was rejected by men. Look for the Church which amid the confusions of conflicting opinions, its members love as they love Christ, and respect its Voice as the very voice of its Founder, and the suspicion will grow, that if the Church is unpopular with the spirit of the world, then it is unworldly, and if it is unworldly it is other worldly. Since it is other-worldly, it is infinitely loved and infinitely hated as was Christ Himself. But only that which is Divine can be infinitely hated and infinitely loved. Therefore the Church is Divine.”

– Fulton Sheen

To learn more about this study, you can find Humanae Vitae here.

To explore the mission of Endow, you can read about them here. They have many different studies on multiple church teachings.

Intercede for me.


During discipleship I found this prayer through St Joan of Arc’s intercession and I wanted to share it with you all. It makes my heart really happy and gives me hope in the paternal love of the Father, the limitless compassion of the Son, and the ignited friendship of the Holy Spirit.


Sit with this prayer. Re-read it. Illustrate it. Tape it on your mirror. Handwrite it and mail it to a friend. Frame it for your mom. Talk about it with your dad. The more we talk about and share prayers, the more our lives become them.


Dear Sweet Patron Saint,

I implore you in the name of God

to intercede on my behalf and guide me.

Help me to be strong when people are against me and question my belief in God.

Help me to stand by my faith

and my decisions concerning my faith.

I wish to do only God’s will,

and I beg of you, O Patron Saint,

to help keep me on His true path,

and guide me in His will.

I need friends now, more than ever before,

and I choose God as my first and foremost best friend, above all others.

But I also choose you as a close and special friend to relate to and to talk to.

Please counsel me by any means necessary that is in the will of God to do.

Please let me have the wisdom and understanding to receive his message

and the patience and virtue to listen so that I may understand his word. Amen.

Choosing silence.


I’ve always felt busy, like there is always noise. Whenever I’m by myself, I usually make sure the silence is filled. If I’m cleaning my room, then I put on a Spotify playlist. If I’m driving in my car, then I listen to music or a podcast. If I’m sitting in front of the Lord, I’m thinking or journaling, or humming when I’m on my own. In fact, silence has almost always scared me.

But Jesus does this beautiful thing where He takes our fears and has the ability to redeem them or explain them. He’s asked me to rest my heart, and to be still in His presence. He’s taught me how silence allows my ears to hear His voice. He’s helped me to recognize the importance of prayer.

Thank You, Lord for allowing us to sit in silence with You. For loving our praises, and blessing our lessons taught in the quiet.


I Have Good News.

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You will be disappointed. That job will fall through. She won’t remember to meet up with you. A loved one won’t return your call. You will be let down. The important thing to remember is that He will never give up on being there for you. When humans make mistakes, He is the constant that will never ever disappoint. Put all of your heart into Christ and you will be satisfied.


Suffer With Christ.

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There she was in a red dress. The same color of the candles surrounding our King. The color of His blood. She was three feet tall with her hair in a braid. She approached the altar after listening to the stations of the cross and hearing Jesus’ sacrifice expressed in words. Walking around the end of the cross, the little girl knelt down and kissed Jesus on His right cheek. She popped back up and walked to the other side. Kneeling down a second time, she kissed Him on His left cheek and gently touched His head, smiling into His eyes.

This child has inspired me tonight. She inspired me to approach Christ with confidence. To go up to His beaten and torn body with warmth in my heart and love in my eyes. She inspired me to love Him.

This Good Friday, we suffer with Christ. We make His death worth every second by being with Him. Stay with Him.