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Books of the Bible – this is a Catholic Bible that has every book, including footnotes. Easy to search and easy to find!

Blessed Is She Community – a community empowering Catholic women and building community through meet ups and Bible studies. Check it out!

Ascension Presents Videos – usually 7 minute videos, Fr. Mike Schmitz gives light to almost any Catholic topic you could imagine. My personal favorite is linked here!

Audrey Assad Music – Audrey is my favorite Catholic artist. “Even Unto Death” will really tug at those spiritual heart strings. You can find her in my Playlist linked two below!

Matt Maher Music  – I saw Matt perform alongside Audrey at World Youth Day 2016 and immediately began loving his music! “Lord, I Need You” is definitely my favorite. You can also find him in my Playlist linked below!

My Spotify Jesus Playlist – Spotify Premium is a must for me and allows me to add in all of my PTL songs! (Praise the Lord, of course).

A Guaranteed Smile – Stephen Colbert dancing to “King of Glory”. You can’t not appreciate his dance moves.

The Catholic Feminist Podcast – this podcast features new female speakers every week that talk about being a woman in the Catholic Church. They also provide resources to the wonderful ladies they speak with. Beautiful!

Jason & Crystalina Evert – authors of How to Find Your Soulmate Without Losing Your Soul, this couple first reached me during High School and spoke about chastity. All the dating advice you need is in that link!

Saint Drawings – probably the most beautiful way to put pictures of your friends on your wall! Check out this artist!

Fr. Patrick Hyde – this is the priest for my Newman Center at Indiana University. I really enjoy his homilies and I know you will as well. Listen through the link!

Lauren Colbert Media – most of my photos on here are taken by me, but if it’s a picture of me, it’s most likely taken by my lovely and talented friend, Lauren Colbert! Check out her photography!